How to streamline your food safety procedures with NextChain 

Our last article outlined how paper records remain a common way for kitchen and restaurant staff to measure the temperature of fridges and freezers, deliveries and hot food. Recording these checks via paper comes with its challenges, including finding access to a printer, having a pen to hand that works and staying on top of the checks.

Today we will provide a step by step guide on how to use NextChain’s Food Safety Toolbox, so you can focus on cooking great food and getting home earlier.

Getting started with NextChain’s Food Safety Toolbox

The first step is to download NextChain, which is available for free on Android and IOS devices, here. It takes less than a minute to sign up, then you're ready to go 🎉

First thing you will see is the Hub. Make it your own, invite your team, and let's get started!

Fridges & Freezers 📋

You can start by adding as many units as necessary. Whether it is a Walk-in fridge, Meat fridge or a regular freezer, the interface is flexible to your needs.

As the temperature of each unit at a specific time can be logged, you can even record a temperature from yesterday or last week (if you want to store your existing paper EHO records).

Whenever you need, you can export the data from a specific time period, which we will email to you in spreadsheet format.

Video showing how to use NextChain's Food Safety Toolbox

Deliveries 🔎

Now, let’s move on to deliveries. This is where the delicious food of your supplier meets your creativity and inspiration for the first time. Where the smell of freshly baked bread or seafood fills your nostrils and sets you up for the day!

NextChain aims to make this process seamless by allowing you to record all the relevant details of the delivery. Naming the supplier, the item they delivered, along with the van temperature and time is enjoyable to fill out.

With food deliveries often occurring at unpredictable times, this feature allows you and your team to stay on top of the deliveries straight from your smartphone. This can be easier than having a pen and paper on you at all times and hopefully save a great deal of time and hassle in the process.

Video showing how to use NextChain's Food Safety Toolbox

Food items📝

Last but not least, the temperature of food items. By recording how a certain dish was cooked, along with its core temperature and duration, a layer of precision and simplicity is afforded to you.

By recording two or three dishes to begin with, you will be well on your way to trusting our Food Safety Toolbox during busy times. This can be completed by your teammate as well, which makes this activity dynamic and inclusive to the whole team.

As you begin to save and securely export the recorded data, say goodbye to losing sheets of paper or getting them damaged.

Video showing how to use NextChain's Food Safety Toolbox

You're good to go!

We are very excited to see how our Food Safety Toolbox can make day-to-day tasks easier for you. We understand, in a busy workplace, these small tasks can impact the organisation and productivity of your team. Not to mention, in the event of an inspection from environmental health, your data can be exported at a click of a button!

Our Food Safety Toolbox is just one summit in the NextChain mountain range 🌄. We can also help you save hours each week on ordering from the very suppliers you have been recording in the toolbox. 

Are you tired of stacks of invoices and keeping track of everything coming in? Our procurement tool makes it easy for you and your team to do this. Why not give it a try when you're ready?

You want to make temp checks the easiest part of your job?
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