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to place orders

No more late-night phone calls or emails. Order what you need in just a few clicks.

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Hundreds of orders already placed on our app

15 seconds

Average time it takes to place an order on NextChain

5 hours

Saved per week
on average


Decrease in delivery inaccuracies by suppliers

Example of an order placed using NextChain's mobile app.

Save hours every week on ordering

Send orders in seconds

Create, review and send orders right through our app with a tap of a button.

Manage orders and credit notes

Track incoming deliveries, past orders and request credit notes.

Dealing with invoices becomes easy

Upload invoices and receipts with a click to keep track of spending and simplify bookkeeping.

How does it work?

1. Connect your suppliers

We already have hundreds of supplier catalogues available, or you can build your own product list.

2. Create purchase orders

Orders always have product IDs, units, a delivery date and delivery confirmation to prevent mistakes.

3. Confirm deliveries

We make it easy to request credit notes and upload the invoice to access it later.

Screenshot of what food suppliers receive when a restaurant place an order with NextChain.

Oh, and it's free!

Can you find a reason not to try?

Frequently asked questions

Do my suppliers have to be on NextChain?

No! When you place an order on NextChain, we simply forward the order in your supplier's format of choice. And because they provide us with their latest catalogue, you can be sure to order the right products in the right quantities.

Are you a marketplace? How are prices defined?

No, we're not a marketplace. NextChain facilitates interactions with your existing suppliers. We are not an intermediary and the relationship remains between you and your suppliers. Final prices will always be set by your supplier, as usual.

How much does it cost?

We don't take any commission. So you wonder where the catch is? We recently launched NextChain and if you read this, it means that NextChain is still 100% free. Later on, we will implement optional premium features. So join us now!